A Fish in a Tree Moment #sol15

Today, my third graders and I began the Global Read Aloud.  This year, we are reading Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  We talked about the saying from Einstein that inspired the title and then I asked the students to think about a time where they felt like a fish in a tree- a fish in a tree moment.  

To me, a fish in a tree moment would be when you felt incapable of doing something that others around you easily could do.  I've had many of these moments throughout my life.  My mind flashed back to being about 8 years old myself and taking gymnastics.  It was torture.  In my memory, the balance beam was very high and very narrow.  Not only did I have difficulty mastering how to walk on that, but I was expected to do a tumble on it.  I was petrified.  To make matters worse, I remember that the kids in my class were mean to me, teasing me about being so inept. I remember quitting gymnastics and the wave of relief I felt.  

Kids who feel like a fish in a tree academically do not have the same luxury- they can't quit school (at least not in the 3rd grade).  How awful to feel the way I felt at gymnastics day in and day out.  Thinking about this memory made me feel more empathy towards Ally and all the Ally's we teach each day.

Some of my students were reluctant to identify their own fish in a tree moments. Interestingly, my students who have academic difficulties could not come up with a fish in a tree moment.  A few students were brave to share their thinking. I started a Padlet to share the fish in a tree moments and tweeted it, inviting others to share too.  My New York students were amazed and excited to see students from Louisiana sharing their fish in a tree moments on the Padlet.  

Do you have a fish in a tree moment to share? Feel free to add it to our Padlet and invite your students to make a connection with Ally.  All of us struggle with something at some time.  I find such comfort in knowing that others have walked the path before me and made it through their challenges.  We can shine a light for those following behind us, letting them know that fish in a tree moments really do pass and don't need to define you. 



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