Summer Is...#SOL16

Summer is shrugging off the school year stress like a cardigan that is no longer necessary. 

Summer is trading in my work bags full of lessons, papers, and memos for beach bags full of superhero towels, sunscreen, and flip flops. 

Summer is nights on the screened in porch and books just for fun, quiet except for the hum of the ceiling fan. 

Summer is pool passes and camp schedules, library visits and play dates.

Summer is our backyard swing and sitting with my two children, talking about nothing...and everything.

Summer is blowing bubbles and sidewalk chalk, fireflies and fireworks. 

Summer is a late dinner on the water, fancy drinks, no regrets. 

Summer is peaches and cherries, watermelon and pineapples.

Summer is the smell of barbecues and red, white, and blue dresses, flags waving. 

Summer is freedom.

Summer is renewal.

Summer is here! 


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