#SOL16 Ticket to the World? Library Card

Here is what I plan to say to my students tomorrow as I show them a mystery box: "What if I told you that inside this box was a way for you to travel back in time? A way for you to explore all the places you've always wanted to go without leaving your home? What if I told you that inside this box was a way for you to get smarter and wiser and become a kinder person? Would you want to open the box and find out how to make these things happen?"

When they open the box, they will find... a library card....of course.

A library card is your ticket to the world. It is your free access pass to all the great works of literature, to books of all types and genres. A library card allows you to borrow books you might not otherwise be able to afford or have room for in your house. You can read them, return them, take out others. 

Libraries also offer quality programs and classes for children, teens, and adults. There are computers available. There are magazines and newspapers. It is a place to gain knowledge and all are welcome. 

I love the library. 

So how could I forget that September is Library Card Sign-Up Month? I was almost ready to turn the calendar to October before realizing that September was nearly done and I haven't talked to my students about the library. September is a hectic back-to-school time, and I nearly missed my chance to make my plea to my students to get their own library card. 

Just under the wire, here's what I'll do:

I am offering my students "The Library Card Challenge." If they send me a picture of themselves with their library card, or come to school with their library card, they will be entered into a raffle. The winning student can select a book from the Scholastic Book Order. 

I also created a Padlet and I hope you might help me! Here is the link: https://padlet.com/ksokolowski1/5vkzc6x8tswg
You can share what having a library card has meant for you in your life. I would love to be able to show this to my students and help them see the power that comes from owning your very own library card. 


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