#SOL17 The Night Before

It's the day before the March Slice of Life Story Challenge! It feels like the night before school starts, or before you go to summer camp....when you know you will see familiar faces again, and new ones, and you're about to start something exciting. Maybe a little scary. There's a thrill in the air, because life is about to shift in new ways....

I look at my March calendar and worry. March is BUSY. Report cards. My daughter's birthday. Professional events. Will I be able to carve out time each day to blog? To inspire my students to blog? To keep up with all the commenting and additional work that goes into being part of both challenges?

It always comes back to the "why." Why take on all of this extra work in a month that is already jam-packed? For me, the Slice of Life Story Challenge is about walking the walk and truly living like a writer. It's inviting students along and showing them that writing is something real people do, in their honest-to-goodness life, not only published authors but everyday folks. 

And, truth be told, there isn't a month that's NOT busy. Every day is busy. It's the noticing, the slowing down, the taking time to reflect and write that helps me appreciate my life instead of just living it. It's this one month in time, set aside, to tell my stories. 

See you at Writer's Camp! :)


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