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#SOL16 A Slump

Today feels slumpy.  Worries heavy on my mind Fear twists my stomach.  Every news story breaks my heart. And frightens me. I want to unslump myself. Sunshine,  blue skies, smiles on my children's faces.  The coconut smell of sunscreen. A sweet berry smoothie. Light and hope.  Faith and love. Hoping the gray suffocating  clouds of slump Give way to blue skies, fresh air, renewed energy to try again. 

Keep Swimming! #SOL16

"Where's Alex?" I asked, as I finished applying my daughter Megan's sunscreen. We had just arrived at our town pool, but Alex was out of sight.   Then I saw him, his white rash guard swim shirt catching my eye. He was all the way by the pool, about to go in. Jump in. His tan face relaxed and happy, he exuberantly yelled, "CANNONBALL!" as he splashed into the water.  He came up, laughing, wiping away the water from his eyes, then diving under again. Sure, I'd seen him improve a lot in his private swim lessons, but those were one on one with an instructor and a pool full of children with their instructors. This was a whole new situation- where he was applying his learning independently and joyfully, without any scaffolding or support.  I thought back to last summer, when we took a family trip to the suburbs of Chicago to visit my husband's brother and his family. They had a lovely pool for the children to swim, but Alex was petrified. He stood

Try Everything #SOL16

"...Sometimes we come last but we did our best. I won't give up, I won't give in.  Till I reach the end, then I'll start again.  No, I won't leave.  I want to try everything.  I want to try even though I could fail."  -"Try Everything", Zootopia theme song Comfort zones are, well, comfortable. Safe. Secure. Risk-free. Doing what you've always done can be quite appealing, when the flip-side is trying something new and unfamiliar. Yet.  My greatest moments of growth, of making memories, of becoming more than I thought I could be, the moments that changed the trajectory of my life- have always occurred OUTSIDE of my comfort zone. The moments where I was scared and uncomfortable, where a deep breath was needed and a leap of faith was taken.  This summer has presented me with a few opportunities that are exciting...but frightening. Dreams of mine possibly coming true, pushing myself to grow as a teacher and presen