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#SOL18 No Mud, No Lotus

I've been listening to the most interesting, inspiring stories of redemption and success after adversity. I follow Rachel Hollis , the author of Girl, Wash Your Face and the founder of a multi-media company (which she created, as she likes to say, "with a high school diploma and a Google search bar.) Rachel's "Rise" podcast is perfectly named, as every episode I've listened to has a person who has had the worst Good Fridays become a life of Easter Sundays. In other words, people who have had trying or difficult circumstances have taken their pain and made something beautiful, or helpful, or inspiring.  The most recent episode I listened to featured Scott Harrison , the founder of Charity: Water and the author of a new book called Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World.  His story was completely captivating. It began with a move to a new home when he was 4 and a carbon monoxide leak that left his mother f

#SOL18 This Is Just To Say (Sleeping in)

(Apologies to William Carlos Williams) I stayed in bed when the alarm  beeped loudly in the darkness and pressed "snooze" and cuddled close to the little blonde haired girl who ran into my room somewhere at 3 am. Forgive me for not writing  a better post this morning

Before I was Your Mom

For Alex Before I was your mom, it was all I wanted to be. Every month when the pregnancy test was negative, my heart broke.  Blood tests and doctors and specialists and odds against my dream. Early morning drives to the fertility doctor Blood levels measured and waiting for the perfect timing.  Before I was your mom, I wanted you with all my heart.  Before I was your mom, I was a young-ish kindergarten teacher.  I found out I was going to be your mom in my classroom closet. A voicemail from the doctor saying, "Congratulations, you are pregnant!" while I stood among the crayons and construction paper.  It was the best phone call I ever, ever received. Before I was your mom, I wanted you with all my heart. Before I was your mom, I never imagined how I would know you from the start, How seeing your round little face after you were born was like seeing someone I've known my whole life. How you would turn at the sound of my voice. How calling myself your