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#SOL16 Petrified at Hershey Park

I am late to the party today. I normally write my Slice by late Monday evening, or Tuesday morning at the very latest. I thought this might be the week I have to wave the white flag and skip a Slice. October has been filled with memorable, fabulous moments and events- but I'm feeling behind in everything and am trying to "dig out" as a colleague of mine used to always say when asked how she was doing.  But, here it is, almost 9pm on Tuesday evening, and I'm feeling the pull to write a Slice. I need to work on the first draft of a personal narrative to use as a mentor for my third graders. I've promised them the story of how I lost Alex at Hershey Park this summer. So, here it is- seems I can't keep away from Slicing after all.  **** Tentative Title: Petrified at Hershey Park "Do you have him?" My friend Evan was walking quickly towards me, a note of panic in his voice. I felt my stomach drop.  "No, he's on the Lazy River. Mike wa

#WhyIWrite #SOL16 #DigiLitSunday

On the morning my beloved grandfather, Grandy, passed away, I drove home from his house, with words filling my mind and heart. We knew he was "on his journey" as the hospice nurses told us, and so my mother and I slept at my grandparents' house that last night. Grandy was in a deep sleep, in a hospital bed in his room. I remember, at 20 years old, I was wearing a nightgown with dogs on it, sleeping on the couch in the den. I recall my mother waking me up, saying Grandy was gone, she had heard his last breath. I remember when they came to take him away- I couldn't watch, stayed in the den as they carried him out of the house he loved so much, past the garden he tended with so much care.  When I walked in the door after that drive home, I went straight to the computer and typed. I composed his eulogy as I drove, and as I sat at the computer, my tribute to Grandy took form. I found a poem, Tribute on the Passing of a Very Real Person, which was the closing to my eul

#SOL16 Grateful for the Seasons

And just like that, a new season is here. I am grateful for this season.  Vibrant, Crayola-blue skies, golden Libra sun. Orange pumpkins perched on porches. Hoodies with soft fleece lining, zipped up. Leaves drifting, dancing down to waiting lawns. Flip flops rested and boots back in rotation. Retiring sun slipping away earlier each day. Thick, cozy blankets tugged up during chilly nights. Costumes purchased and trick or treat bags ready. Pumpkin spice everywhere, in everything.  I am grateful for seasons changing, for leaves turning vibrant colors. I'm grateful for the beauty and even grateful for when the trees are bare because the promise of spring is there too, knowing that pinks, purples, yellows and whites will fill our town streets again. I am grateful for rainy, dreary days  that give way to the most spectacular autumn days. I am grateful for seasons changing and the opportunity to notice life changing too. I am grateful for this season in m

#SOL16 Dear Alex

Dear Alex, We are just a couple of days away from your 6th birthday. I remember so clearly how I felt six years ago- impatient, anxious, so ready for your arrival. Every baby is a miracle, but you felt especially like one. Seeing your little round face for the first time was one of the best moments of my life- it was like I had always known you even though it was the first time I was seeing you.  You were the most gorgeous baby. Round, chubby, with big eyes and a gummy smile. I loved holding you, rocking you, singing to you, being your mom. We went to Gymboree, music classes, and library classes where you promptly fell asleep in the middle of an exciting rendition of "Dancing Queen" where the other babies were shaking maracas (or chewing on them).  Leaving you to go back to work was one of the hardest things I ever did. I remember that first rainy morning, when you were 11 months old, and I had to hand you to a woman I never saw before in the daycare drop o