Summer Vacation? #SOL15

As I contemplated setting my alarm for 4 am to be able to write my Slice (I didn't- writing this at 5:20 am instead), I am thinking about what I've been doing so far on my "summer vacation":

  • I co-facilitated the Long Island Writing Project Summer Institute for 8 days (9am-4pm)
  • Reading Jen Serravallo's Reading Strategies as part of a Voxer book club.
  • Read A Handful of Stars as part of a writing about reading book club and participated in the Twitter chat.
  • Rereading Fish in a Tree as a small group thinking about writing about reading for an upcoming Twitter chat.
  • Read Digital Reading: What's Essential in Grades 3-8 as part of #cyberPD and Twitter chat tonight.
  • Trying to read a #bookaday to keep up with the blog I created for reading,
  • Writing my first post for our Two Writing Teachers blog series and thinking of ideas for the rest of the August posts I will need to write.
  • Participating in a 4 day workshop this week at #LiLit15 for reading and writing workshops.
  • Made a Donors Choose project to try to get magazines for my classroom library.
  • Creating a new class webpage through Weebly
Still left to do:
  • Read the stack of professional books I bought and want to finish, including The Unstoppable Writing Teacher, Word Nerds, Notebook Know-How, Notebook Connections, and Guided Math in Action.
  • Set up Kidblog and Bibilionasium accounts for my new students.
  • All the prep for the school year- locker name tags, student desk tags, reorganizing my classroom library into the new bins I bought, planning the first week of school.
  • Read the stack of children's literature books I brought home so I could be more familiar with my library and be able to recommend more books.
All of these activities were self-chosen.  No one made me do a single thing on the list and I've been learning so much this summer.  I'm just....a little tired today.  Thinking of relaxing on the beach, fruity cocktail in hand, book unrelated to teaching in my lap, nothing to hear but the crash of the waves, smelling the salty, coconuty air. Maybe I need to add "relaxing" to my summer to-do list. Off to class today but maybe next week I will finally get to the beach this summer. 


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