A Black Cloud Kind of Night #SOL15

It's a black cloud kind of night.

My beloved Grandmother is facing some health challenges.  At almost 90, nothing is to be taken lightly. 

It is the horrific anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook. All of those precious lives gone in an instant. Grief so unimaginable.

Country singer Joey Feek, who is dying of Stage 4 cervical cancer, attempts to play and teach sign language to her baby with Down Syndrome. The pictures make me cry.

Sadness envelopes me tonight. Such a sad Slice of Life, but I guess the truth is, some slices are just sad. Some slices cannot be sweetened by platitudes and promises of brighter mornings. I won't stay here for long, in this place of darkness, but tonight I reside. 

Tonight I am angry about a world where a child is dropped off at school and gunned down moments later. 

Tonight I'm gutted by the unfairness of a new mother to a child with special needs dying of cancer. Why some lives are cut short.

Tonight I'm worried for my Grandma. 

Tonight I feel so far behind in everything, in every way. 

It's a black cloud kind of night. 


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