#SOL17 Purple With a Purpose

"Uh uh,"Megan squirmed in her car seat, unwilling to get out. My husband was taking our son, Alex, to get a haircut after his swimming lesson. Megan tagged along with them for swimming, while I stayed home to shower after my exercise class. Now, Mike wanted to take Alex to the barber and the plan was for Megan to stay with me. But Megan wasn't having it.

"Want to come with me to the nail salon?" I finally asked after the sudden inspiration. It was an errand I wanted to run but had been putting off for lack of time. This could be the perfect solution. 

Megan brightened and easily agreed, coming out of her carseat. 

I told Megan some alternative facts about the nail salon not doing nails for children (despite the price list for children on the wall- good thing she can't read yet!) and she was quite agreeable that she would just watch me get my nails done, as long as she could pick my color. 

At the salon, we walked over to the wall of colors. Her first thought was green, then orange. Nope and nope. Then she picked purple. I turned over the bottle and read the label- "Purple with a Purpose." It was a color I never would have picked for myself, but the name persuaded me. 

The nail technician asked me several times if I was sure I wanted this color. 

"Is it horrible? I finally asked her.

"Oh no..." she answered, alternative facts again. 

The thing is, sometimes it's good to do something you don't normally do, even if it just wearing purple with a purpose nail polish. Looking at my nails makes me think of Megan and going out of my comfort zone. It reminds me to keep real purpose at the heart of all I do. Soon enough, I'll be back to my predictable and more eye-pleasing pale pinks, but for now, I'm rocking the purple. 


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