On a Roll.... #SOL17

Last week, I was hungry and grouchy and negative and did I already say hungry? It was "Day 1" of my new eating plan and I was resenting it, big time. Your comments were so uplifting and helpful...so thank you if you commented! And the next day was a little easier, and the next easier...and now it's been 8 days on this new program. I'm over 3 pounds thinner, which is a nice start, but the best part is I feel calmer- more level. I feel prepared. I've found recipes that don't make me feel like I'm suffering. Suddenly all the foods I was longing for don't seem as important as they did last week. 

Case in point- Easter Sunday. Before my Grandmother passed away, every year she would make a ricotta pie on Easter. It was my favorite. I would never turn it down, no matter what diet I was currently following. It was special- an indulgence I always allowed myself. This year, with my Grandma gone, there was nothing specific I felt I MUST HAVE, so before-hand I decided I would do my best to stick to my plan. I made a delicious and colorful fruit salad to bring to my in-laws for dessert and I decided that would be all I had in that department. Nary a chocolate bunny passed through these lips! I did partake in one glass of sangria punch at my sister's house- it was divine. 

Food, weight, dieting- these are "heavy" issues for me (haha) and while there are no simple solutions, at the moment, I'm feeling really proud that I am working on this and giving it my all. While there are still rolls to contend with, and though I may long for a roll (especially a warm one with a pat of butter), I'm on a roll and making positive changes. Drum roll please! :)


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