#SOL17 Dear Self: Please Excuse This Blogger

Dear Self,

Please excuse me (us?) from our weekly blog post. I know we've committed to writing here at least once a week because it is important to stay in the writing habit. We (I?) believe in writing and know that teachers who teach writing make a difference for students. 

It's just, this has been a busy week. A hectic weekend, rolled into a rewarding yet exhausting professional day of learning. A long drive home in the rain. Two children to feed and get ready for bed. By the time 8:30 pm hit, Kathleen (She? Us? You?) could barely keep her eyes open. Every good intention was made to wake up early, exercise, then write this week's post.

Except the alarm was on silent and Kathleen woke up with a start, half an hour later than expected. She chose to exercise, because, well that's been a big priority. She was just about to get her post done when Megan (4 year old daughter) started crying and the clock said she was already late for her morning shower. 

Then a busy day at work, after school PD, dinner, homework.....a stuffed work bag. Too much to do, too little time.

This week, she didn't carve out enough time. Next week, you have my (our?) word that the blog post will be much, much better. 

My Best, 


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