Coco #SOL17

     Monday evenings are not ideal for going to see a movie in the theater, but there we were- my son, daughter and I, heading to the movies to see Coco last night. Alex's school's SEPTA was sponsoring the night and we attended last year, the night after Election Day, to watch Trolls. I remember still feeling numb but Trolls ended up being a fun distraction and still a movie we watch and rewatch often. 
      I know there's been an outcry about the Frozen short (20 minutes- not so short) that runs before Coco, but Anna and Elsa are two of my daughter's favorites so it was enjoyable to see them again. I thought it was cute and not nearly as obnoxious as the tweets I read about it. 
       I didn't know much about Coco before attending the movie, but I must say I loved it. There were themes of following your heart, family first, and fame at what cost. As someone who likes to picture Heaven as a big dinner party where my loved ones who have passed are all sitting together, eating spaghetti, I loved the idea of generations who have gone before visiting on the Day of the Dead. 
        I might have sobbed at the end. 
     We got home close to 9, which is way late on a school night, when pajamas need to be put on and teeth brushed, too, vitamins distributed and bedtime stories read. But I'm glad we went. My son said it was the best movie he's ever seen, and he's a kid who loves to watch movies. 
       Monday night movie going isn't that convenient, but it sure is memorable. I'm so glad we saw Coco and highly recommend it! 


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