#SOL18 Make the Most of Your Time Here

"Make the most of your time here."
-Amy Krouse Rosenthal


I love to look at the "On This Day" feature in Facebook. What pictures and videos did I post years ago? What was happening exactly a year ago? I see my children when they were babies, sometimes hear their baby voices and giggles. When they were those ages, I somehow thought I would always be a mom to little kids. Now, as Megan gets ready for kindergarten and Alex approaches second grade, I'll be an elementary school mom. I'll blink and they will graduate high school. There is not all the time in the world. 


It seems every day I wake up to a story that breaks my heart. I've been following 5 year old Avery in the "Bravery for Avery" Facebook group. Avery had brain cancer and passed away on Mother's Day, leaving her twin sister, younger brother, parents, and countless family members and friends. Her mother documented the journey of her illness and death through photos and posts. It was amazingly brave and utterly heartbreaking.  There are other stories too- close to home ones with colleagues and people in my community where children are facing similar battles. There is such a sense of unfairness about it all. A child should not suffer illnesses like these. Why do some children only get such a short time to live? 


My birthday is at the end of next month. I normally don't want anything specific but welcome all presents. (Ha!). This year, I decided for my 39th birthday, I would like an Apple Watch. My Fitbit watch broke and my wrist has been bare. I miss seeing the time and also text messages and phone calls that I would be notified of through the Fitbit. The Apple Watch is a step up. It's an indulgence, but it's saying to myself that at 39 years of age I have earned the right to own something luxurious. And the watch will serve as a reminder that time is not guaranteed, that time is a precious commodity and how I spend it and who I spend it with are my choices. How I spend my time is how my life will ultimately be shaped. 


Last night, I watched my seven year old son play baseball on his Little League team. The weather was perfect. The sky was that crayon blue, cloudless, and the trees were so lush and green. In Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book, Textbook, she talks about the beauty of green trees against a blue sky. I thought of Amy and how people live on in our hearts and minds long after they are gone. Amy was always advising us to "make the most of our time here" almost as if somewhere inside she knew she wouldn't have all the time in the world. 

I guess none of us do.

I think of Avery. I think of Amy. And I try to appreciate the moments, the cuddles, the flowers, the laughter, the beauty and the sunshine while it is shining. 


  1. I loved the quote you began this slice with. I am still weepy over the death of AKR. Last week I used parts of Textbook as a mentor text with my seniors. Each time I open up Textbook I find something new that I did not notice.

    You shared a great line (and mantra): "And I try to appreciate the moments, the cuddles, the flowers, the laughter, the beauty and the sunshine while it is shining."

  2. Living in the moment, being present, and appreciating the little things - great things to focus on.

  3. I love this so much! My "baby" turns 25 today and wow, does that make me feel like the parent of grownups! Savor the moments! I was telling someone today that Amy is someone I would have loved to have as a friend. A few friends here are going to be receiving I Wish You More as goodbye presents from me. I want to meet you in person one day!


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