#SOL18 From "I Can't" to "I Can!"

The training wheels were off. He hopped on the bike and it wobbled to one side. His foot touched the pavement, pushed off and he tried again, wobbling to the other side. The bike veered one way then the other and I held my breath. 

Just a few weeks ago, he was adamant that he would NEVER ride a bike. Why should he ride a bike, he reasoned, when he plays baseball? He would never need to know how to ride a bike. He could just follow his friends on his scooter. Bike riding would not be part of his life.

I'm not exactly sure how we went from NEVER being a bike reader to trying again, first with training wheels, then without. But tonight, I watched, holding my breath, as a shaky start lead to continuous, exhilirated pedaling. 

He rode his bike faster, even riding over speed bumps and navigating turns. I couldn't do it for him, he had to prove it to himself that he COULD do it. 

I stood off to the side and cheered for him, my heart swelling with happiness and pride. Another milestone moment. Another sign of growing up. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a bike rider!


  1. From one bike rider to another: Bravo! It's great how your slice captures that unpredictable flip from never to right now.

  2. Another milestone accomplished, and so worthy of noting. Congratulations to the rider, and to you for supporting his efforts on his schedule!

  3. This life experience has implications far beyond bike riding. The notion of confidence and self belief are intrinsically woven around this small, yet significant life episode. You have captured a special breakthrough moment here Kathleen.

  4. True slice! Just a moment in time! You captured his change in mindset from never do it to could do it! Makes ya wonder what made the determination switch flip in his mind!? This slice makes me smile remember all three of my girls learning how to ride sans training wheels - fabulous memories! Thanks for sharing!


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