#SOL18 It Was The Summer

It was the summer of two wheelers without training wheels (Alex) and a new two wheeler with training wheels (Megan). 

It  was the summer of camp and wet towels and bathing suits every day.

It was the summer of too much money spent on ice cream from the same truck we saw each afternoon at camp. 

It was the summer of front teeth lost. 

It was the summer of pools and cousins and tie dye shirts with beads. 

It was the summer of catching baseballs and kicking soccer balls. 

It was the summer of a new watch, a new phone, a new car. 

It was the summer of movie theaters and a Broadway show.

It was the summer of the Long Island Rail Road into Penn Station.

It was the summer of candy (not me) and packing veggies (me).

It was the summer of reading books for grown-ups and finding new mentors. 

It was the summer of reconnecting with friends.

It was the summer of Uber rides and cocktails. 

It was the summer of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

It was the summer of healing. 

Thank you, Summer 2018, for space to breathe, for long sunny days, for splashes in pools, for fireworks, for my children's smiles. For time to think and pause. I will miss you. 


  1. I love the format of this poem/list. It seems to amplify the many things you did in just a few weeks "off" from school and yet it is also deep with reflection.

  2. I love the format as well to echo Anita! I am going off to write my own right now!

  3. Sounds like you and I had very similar summers, Kathleen. I had a summer of healing, too, and although it was so hard in so many ways, it was really beautiful. One of the best summers I've ever had, ironically.

    I miss our summer, too. Love this format, by the way.

  4. So much in a summer. May some of the summer carry over to your school life.

  5. Right there will you ... but happy to be back to slicing. Loved the image I conjured with each line. I am thinking you might have some future slices in some of those!!


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