#SOL18 This Is Just To Say (Sleeping in)

(Apologies to William Carlos Williams)

I stayed in bed
when the alarm 
beeped loudly
in the darkness

and pressed "snooze"
and cuddled close
to the little blonde haired girl
who ran into my room
somewhere at 3 am.

Forgive me
for not writing 
a better post
this morning


  1. You're forgiven. And I think you're being hard on yourself. It's a wonderful slice of the morning.

  2. I love it!! Well done - I think you made the right choice and wrote a wonderful slice.

  3. I LOVE this! Gail Carson Levine's book of false apology poems based on this poem always make my third graders laugh. Your poem made me miss my grown sons!

  4. Those 3 a.m. monsters require cuddles and a few hits on the snooze button. Glad you could do it all.

  5. Ummmm... I think this is a great post since it was inspired by a great poem.
    Hope you enjoyed the snuggles!

  6. Fun moment to capture allusively in verse. Made me think of variations here: http://www.joycesidman.com/books/this-is-just-to-say-poems/


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