Blessings For the New Week #sol15 Day 9

May the pencils all be sharpened.  If they are not, may the pencil sharpener work.  

May everyone be healthy.  If not, may they make it to the garbage can in time.  

May there be patience.  If not, may I at least be able to fake it.

May there be joy.  If not, may I find a way to infuse some. 

May there be questions.  If not, may I ask ones that make students wonder. 

May there be kindness.  If not, may I lead by example and show kindness to all I encounter. 

May there be enthusiasm.  If not, may my excitement light the way for learning. 

May I be humble enough to ask for help, generous enough to give my time to someone who needs it, brave enough to teach from the heart, wise enough to do the right thing in all circumstances.  

May I find balance so I can be present for my own family too and may I put myself somewhere on the to-do list so I can keep doing all the to-do's with some semblance of sanity.  

And may you too. 


  1. beautiful post filled with much-needed Blessings! I'll be bookmarking this slice so I can refer back to it often! After my very cranky, no-one feeling good, far less sleep than I needed weekend--I probably should actually print it out and tape it above my desk at work!

  2. Such a beautiful piece of writing! A kind of prayer for every teacher every day. We are starting PARCC tomorrow (ick!) and I'm going to print this out to remind me to be positive and hopeful and joyful with kids and with my colleagues. Thank you!

  3. May I continue to have you as a friend and fellow writer...for you are truly inspiring and very adept at putting your whole self into your words each and every time you write, and in the most creative ways.

  4. So beautifully put, a perfect way to begin each day full of the best of intentions and grace.

  5. So beautifully put, a perfect way to begin each day full of the best of intentions and grace.

  6. So, so beautiful! This is such a graceful slice. I absolutely loved it! :)


  7. Love this! Great reminder each morning--especially if you know that something unpleasant is going to happen (like testing).

  8. So important to remember to take care of yourself so you can continue to care for others!

  9. What a great reminder of how to look for the positive of everything that can come your way. Thank you!


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