Let the River Run! #sol15 Day 18

"Let the river run. Let all the dreamers wake the nation."
-Carly Simon

     One of my all-time favorite movies is from the late 1980's- "Working Girl".  There are just so many things I love about this movie and looking back at it now, with the views of the Twin Towers and the huge computers and of course, the hair, it really does bring to mind a different time.  Yet many of the "truths" spoken in the movie are timeless. 
      I can relate to Tess, who reads everything (including "W" to the chagrin of the snobby executives) because "you never know where the big ideas will come from."  As a teacher (and dare I call myself a "writer"?), I do read many things each day that contribute to my overall knowledge, beliefs, and ideas.  I read professional books, children's books, blogs, articles, poems.  I love when something I read reminds me of something else I read (we used to call those "text to text connections") and sometimes it reminds me of things I see in the world (those were "text to world connections").  My class just finished The One and Only Ivan right around the time that Ringling Bros decided to stop using elephants in their circus shows. I love when we can show students that the books we are reading really can relate to the "real world" and also might change your perspective on a topic. 
       Confidence.  Katherine, the movie's villain, has tons of it which has really gotten her to her position since she seems to lack ability and creativity.  At one  point in the movie, she says, "Tess, you never get anywhere in this world waiting for things to happen to you.  You make it happen."  She was right. Dreams are important but they come to be when they put on their work boots.  (I know someone said that much better but can't call to mind the quote).  
    In a way, the movie relates to "growth mindset." Tess is limited by everyone's view of here as "just a secretary" and no one takes her seriously in that role.  She believes in herself, though, putting herself through night school and working on ways to get a job in the business world.  She finds a way to prove herself and her ideas are great.  It's when they all realize that she was "just a secretary" that it goes awry.....but a happy ending is there for dreamer Tess who "made it happen."  
     I need to make some time to watch this movie in full again! It is a classic with so many relevant themes and ideas today....even if the hair and clothes just scream EIGHTIES!! 


  1. I had forgotten about this movie! Thanks for describing the themes with modern connections; inspiration really can be found everywhere.

  2. Working Girl is one of my favorite movies and you're absolutely right: Tess is a perfect example of a growth mindset!

  3. I used to love that movie. I haven't thought of it in years! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I can HEAR that song!!! I need to download it. What a wonderful reminder of a classic film!! :)


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