An Interactive Slice #SOL16

This afternoon, I am leading a workshop on "Diving into Blogging" in my district! 11 teachers have signed up to learn about blogging as an educator and ways to get your students started with blogging. You can see my presentation here. I'm planning on giving the teachers time to hop on the computer and start their own blog after several activities and discussions about how to get started. 

They also need the WHY for blogging too. I sent out a Google form last week to see what their prior blogging experience has been and what they are hoping to get out of today's workshop. Some indicated they want to learn WHY they should blog as a teacher and what the educational value is to them and their students. 

I found a few of my posts that speak to my WHY- the reasons blogging has been transformational for me as a person and a professional and included that in my presentation. But here's where today's Interactive Slice comes in! It would mean so much to me if you could, in the comments, share a reason that blogging has mattered to you. If you have a post that sums it up better, you could share that link. I'd like to show them this blog post this afternoon and the comments from other bloggers as a compelling WHY they should really consider becoming a teacher blogger!

Thank you to this community for helping me to find my voice as a blogger. It's only been a year since I started blogging, but it's been quite the year! All the encouragement and comments have helped me feel I belong here and now I'm trying to "pay it forward"! 


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