We're All Writers Here #SOL16

Found Poem from 2/8 #twtblog Twitter chat 
on "Discovering the Writer's Life"

We're All Writers Here

We're all writers here. 
Real life is a treasure chest 
But I know the self-doubt
that leaves a writer 
staring at empty pages.

Be the chief collector. 
Be constantly the lead collector of ideas
 from our own and our shared lives.
We can’t ask students to do 
what we aren’t willing to LIVE.

Notice, notice, notice. 
You’re writing even when you’re not writing
Live your life with "wide awake eyes" 
Ideas are everywhere!

Our lives that are write-worthy

Be blown away by stories you have to tell
You have to feel it inside--
the story (or poem) you want to tell.

Your writing can serve a bigger cause

Ignore the voice that says: 
"This has been said before." 
You have to own it and say:
 "Well, I've never written about it.."

We're all writers here. 


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