An Honor #SOL17

The violins played "Pachelbel's Cannon" as the high school juniors, holding a small candle, filed into the auditorium. I sat in a special section, with other teachers from my district who'd been asked to attend by a new inductee of the National Honor Society. The student who invited me was a former kindergarten student! How honored I was that she chose me to see her receive this honor. 

After I had the chance to hug her and tell her how proud I was of her, I bumped into another former kindergarten student and her brother, who was from my first kindergarten class. He's a college student now! When I saw his face, I knew instantly who he was and could picture him as a little kindergarten student. I took a picture with my 3 former kindergarten students and it was such a special moment.

There are days and moments when teaching feels too hard, too heart-breaking. There are times I feel lost. But the moments that ground me, that anchor me, are moments like tonight. Connecting with students and building relationships that last years longer than the time we shared a classroom can be fuel for the fire- inspiration that can carry me past unfair expectations, decisions I'm not part of, and a host of other parts of teaching that can wear you down. Tonight I took joy in knowing I played a small part in helping a student grow and succeed and become part of the National Honor Society. Proud teacher moment. 


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