The "Cariest" #SOL18

He tells me I'm the "cariest"
because when he was hurt, 
I cared for him.
Then he tells me how 
he waited so long for me
wishing I would get there
that awful day he was hurt.

I told him I raced.
From the moment the phone rang.
Rushed to be with him.
(I didn't tell him I chanted "Please be alive,
please be alive, please be alive" 
the whole way there.)
I tell him that when I parked
A policeman told me to move my car
because an ambulance was coming.
I yelled, "But that's my son in there!"
And had to move my car.

I told him that when I parked the car
near all the snow,
piled up by the road,
I ran- and I never run.
For him, I ran.
For him, I do all the things 
I think I cannot. 


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