The Storm #SOL18

The storm has found me.

For so long, I have sailed in relatively calm seas. A wave here or there would rock my ship a bit, but just a little. It always righted. I've sailed on, always fearful of the day the storm would come, the storm that would knock my breath away and turn my life upside down. I'd watch my fellow sailors brave storms in their lives with a mixture of guilt and gratitude. Why did I escape the pounding rain, the driving wind, the punishing waves, when others faced unimaginable storms?

So my storm came a few weeks ago with the unexpected ring of a phone. An ambulance ride. A hospital stay. Doctors appointments. Life altered. 

And my crew is still with me, and so that is the most incredible blessing. And kindness has flowed our way, with grace and prayers and presents and dinners. And beautiful cards have been sent to us and stand in our window. And cheerful balloons stand guard in our dining room. 

And I'm looking ahead to rainbows and I'm wishing that the storm makes me stronger, but right now....right now....truth be told, I just feel the drenching rain. 


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