#SOL18 Welcome Sunshine

Welcome sunshine.
Welcome fresh air.
Welcome windows opened.
Welcome short-sleeves.
Welcome flip-flops.
Welcome the smell of barbecue.
Welcome late sunsets. 
Welcome green grass.
Welcome flowers.
Welcome ice-cream truck.
Welcome Little League.
Welcome playground.
Welcome a new season. 

Welcome hope. 


  1. Your list has me thinking about what would I put on my list. One sign of great writing is that it keeps the reader thinking. Thanks!

  2. Welcome little league - that one did it for me!! Oh I remember picnic dinners, talks with friends and endless at-bats! Enjoy every minute it goes so fast!! Clare

  3. Spring has sprung. (And so have my allergies, but I won't dwell on that.) ENJOY this season of new beginnings.

  4. Flowers, sunshine, late sunsets, and short-sleeves. It's here and I'm delighted. Sounds like you are too!

  5. Fun sights, sounds, smells of the season. With nature awakening after winter's slumber, so are we, it seems.


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