#SOL16 Day 1- Beginnings

Just the other morning, I saw purple crocuses starting to sprout. Spring, the ultimate rebirth and new beginning, is right around the corner. March is the bridge from frozen February to blue sky, green grass April, the month of baseball returning and ice cream trucks rolling by again. April isn't summer and often isn't even that warm, but it's the promise of flowers, the return of bicycle riding and time at the park, sunshine and new possibilities. It's also the goodbye to woolen mittens, air biting your face when you walk outdoors, snowflakes slowing drifting from the sky or, other times, falling fast and furious into white mounds, ice scrapers and shovels. It's the time between- the time of letting go of winter and greeting spring once more.

And so we begin March, and this year's Slice of Life Story Challenge. 

March is our bridge, and I think bridges are under-appreciated. The bridge does not seem to be the point in anyone's journey- the place you are leaving and the place you are going are the point, right? But sometimes, the bridge can be the point, too. Sometimes, it's that short time period where the work gets done to move you from one place in your life, to the next. Kind of like a chrysalis of sorts. You can't become a butterfly without that wrapped up time, transforming from the caterpillar you had always been. 

I see March, and Slice of Life, as a beautiful bridge. From winter to spring. From busy to reflective. From "this is who I am" to "this is who I could be." It's a journey, it's a marathon, it's daunting. We are stepping a tippy toe onto the bridge, but on March 31, those of us who walk this walk will leap into April and like that butterfly, our time here will have changed us. 

Here's to our beginning! 


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