#SOL16 Day 28 Dinosaurs on Easter

On Easter morning,
Alex sits across the kitchen table
Dark lashes framing 
big blue eyes,
as he explains 
a meteor killed the dinosaurs,
even the babies
who just hatched.

I say, "No one knows for sure"
"Maybe it happened fast"
Don't want to think of eggs
hatching into a world
where they were doomed
from the very start.

It's Easter and we 
don't go to church.
The kids won't sit
they are too little,
but maybe we should,
because Easter is more 
than chocolate rabbits
and toys.
Maybe church can help me
Explain to Alex
The unexplainable.

In a world of meteors
and doomed baby dinosaurs
and bombs exploding 
in every corner of the world
and guns killing first graders
and their teachers,
We need to believe
that there is so much more
than what we see.
Easter reminds us
The saddest part 
Of the story 
Is never really
The end.


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