#SOL16 Day 9 The Me I Dream To Be

The me I dream to be wears clothes several sizes smaller than the me I am. Sleeveless dresses reveal toned arms on the me I dream to be. The me I dream to be can pick anything out of the closet without fear it will not fit or emphasize the wrong features. Everything looks good on the me I dream to be.

The me I dream to be never has to search for a working pen- there are plenty of pens that work, stored in organized places. The classroom is bright, cheerful, orderly, and full of perfectly prepared anchor charts for every subject. There are no piles or papers out of order in the me I dream to be's classroom. The me I dream to be has perfectly organized digital files too and an inbox with only the most recent messages. 

The me I dream to be is equally good at every subject and enjoys teaching every subject, differentiating various components of the lesson for diverse learners. The me I dream to be meets everyone's needs in ways that still makes learning joyful and relevant. The me I dream to be tracks data using technology and uses that to inform the next day's instruction. She keeps parents up to date often and even sends home "good news reports". 

The me I dream to be comes home from work right away with renewed energy to play with Alex and Megan. She encourages fresh air, outdoor play instead of giving into the peace and quiet of everyone on their separate devices. The me I dream to be knows how to cook food that is nutritious and delicious and involves the children in preparing the meal. She does educational activities after dinner and gets the children in their own beds by 8:00 the latest. The me I dream to be has time to breathe deep yoga-like, zen breaths. 

The me I dream to be keeps in touch with her friends by sending thoughtful cards and making regular time for get togethers. The me I dream to be puts post-its in the books she reads for articulate book club discussions. The me I dream to be has lovely date nights with her husband and does not talk about the kids at all. Her cheeks do not get flushed when she drinks wine. 

The me I dream to be easily makes conversation at other kid's birthday parties, introducing herself confidently and engaging the other moms in sparkling conversation. The me I dream to be never stands in the corner and stares at her phone. 

The me I dream to be does not let laundry pile up into insurmountable mountains and never leaves baskets of clean clothes sitting for weeks. She never forgets to RSVP to parties. She never eats the day old cupcakes sitting on the faculty room table. The me I dream to be could easily speak in front of a large crowd with poise and intelligence. She writes beautiful daily Slices that are poetic and meaningful each and every time. 

The me I dream to be somehow gets it all done with grace, kindness, organization, beauty and charm. 

The me that I am has some serious work to do, except it seems I'm always working, yet getting farther and farther away from the me I dream to be. 


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