#SOL16 Day 21 Seasons Change

And so, another season comes to an end. As winter exits and spring enters this weekend, my little girl leaves babyhood behind. Specifically pull ups and her crib. 

These changes are long overdue as Megan just turned 3. Still, she is my last baby and this marks the end of the season of my life where I changed diapers and had a baby to place gently in a crib. Alex is nearing 5 1/2, so for over 5 years I have changed diapers and been around cribs. Truth be told, Megan has not spent much time in her crib, preferring to snuggle up next to me at night, in my bed, putting a chubby hand on my cheek, cuddling. It's high time for her to be in her own bed, and this weekend we transformed her crib into a toddler bed. Disney princesses are on her pillow, sheets, and comforter. Her stuffed animals are all in there, just waiting for Megan. 

Sometimes seasons have a hard time letting go. Snow is predicted on the first full day of spring, winter's last gasp. Megan climbed in her new bed, listened to a story, was silent as I turned out the lights, then pronounced it "Morning!" and time to leave her bed. A compromise: She could watch one episode of Dora in my room before returning to her bed. The verdict is still out whether she sleeps there tonight or not, but soon she will be in her own room all the time, soon big girl underpants will just be what she puts on in the morning, not a big event that inspires cheers and promises of lollipops for staying dry. Seasons ending, new ones beginning.

In the 90's, Semisonic sang, "Closing Time" and I think now of the line: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." I pause to remember, to save this moment, to mark this ending and beginning. 


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