#SOL15- Day 1: Where I'm From

     First time slicer here! I decided to use a mentor text to kick off the Slice of Life Challenge.  I was first introduced to the "Where I'm From" poem during the Long Island Writing Project Summer Invitational several years ago.  As I was debating how to introduce myself, I decided to try this structured poem.  Here is the link to the mentor poem:


Where I'm From
By Kathleen Sokolowski

I am from slouchy neon socks
from Play-Doh and Crystal Light in plastic pitchers.
I am from the safe and secure streets of suburban Seaford,
insulated, innocent.
It felt like freedom riding my bike through the tree lined streets.
I am from the chlorine in crystal blue town pools,
the grainy sands of Jones Beach,
the ocean assuring me life was bigger than the here and now.

I'm from Sunday dinners with my grandparents and eating too much,
from the patriotism of my Grandy, and the wisdom of my Grandma,
the selflessness of my parents. 

I'm from listening to records and twirling in my long nightgown and weekly trips to the local library. I'm from "Don't look back!" and "People who curse have nothing more intelligent to say." 
 I'm from construction paper links counting to Christmas and Catholic school uniforms neatly pressed.  I'm from Italian and Irish heritage, from dishes of pasta and Irish soda bread only on St. Patrick's Day.
From "drawing people" with my sister Christine and secret hideouts and digging to China in our backyard.
I am from stuffed photo albums of treasured times and a childhood full of love and hope. 


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