Day 14 It's "Pi-ku" Day! #SOL17

Last year, I discovered "Pi-ku"- a type of haiku, but written for Pi Day (3.14) which is today. I wanted to share this with my students, but we are in the midsts of Stella, a nor'easter I suppose. It is a snow day here, but I didn't want to miss my chance to write some Pi-ku. 

To write a Pi-ku, you need to make the first line 3 syllables, the second line one syllable, and the last line 4 syllables.  Give it a try!

Snow falling
Inside all day

Hot coffee
first sip renews

Report cards
so much to do

get my steps in

So now I'm off to exercise (workout video in the living room) before everyone wakes up! Stay safe in the snow, all of you in Stella's path. 


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