Day 28 Know Thy Self #SOL17

When I was younger, I loved taking quizzes in magazines like YM or Teen. I would circle the answers, then add up my score, or count how many A's and B's and C's I selected. Next, I would find the category that fit my score and read the description, nodding in agreement or taking the quiz again to get a better result!

I was reminded of this because I've taken two personality quizzes this week. One was shared on Facebook by Michelle Haseltine: What Is Your Teaching Spirit Animal? I got the Fennec Fox:"Well aren't you just a fluffy-eared angel! Students and staff alike are drawn to your sweet nature and willingness to listen (although some people may abuse these qualities). Also, you probably have the cutest classroom ever." (If "cutest" is defined by lots of piles of papers- mine's the cutest! Ha.)

The other quiz, The Color Code Personality Test, was shared by my friend Nicolette James. It was shown to her at one of the #CELI17 workshops she attended over the weekend. You can take the quiz here. This one asked a lot of questions about how you were as a child. My results indicated my color code is "blue." Blues are "motivated by intimacy. They seek to genuinely connect with others and need to be understood and appreciated. Everything they do is quality-based...They love to serve and give of themselves freely in order to nurture others' lives." That sounds about right! (Remember that song "I'm Blue...daba dee daba da"...guess I really am blue!)

I'm not so sure about the Fennec Fox, although I do try to be sweet and listen. I think blue was an accurate depiction of who I am. Do you every take personality quizzes? Try the Teaching Spirit Animal and Color Code tests too and let me know about your results! 


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