Day 4 No Guarantees #SOL17

A favorite author can start to feel like a friend. Her name is comfortable and familiar. "Oh yes," you think to yourself, "I know just what to expect from books by her. She is lovely. Her books are lovely." 

I've been touched by Amy Krouse Rosenthal's books for years. When she was the Global Read Aloud picture book author last year, she inspired kindness. Amy hoped for others to do random acts of kindness as part of the GRA celebration. My class wrote quotes about kindness in hearts we decorated and we hung them all around the school.

So when I saw an article on Facebook, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, entitled, "You May Want to Marry My Husband," I had a sinking feeling. Read it with tissues handy. Amy has ovarian cancer. It seems she only has days left. 


Last year, I followed the story of Joey Feek, the country singer who was part of the duo Joey + Rory. A beautiful, talented couple, they happened to be the parents of a baby girl with Downs Syndrome. Joey had ovarian cancer and passed away a year ago today- March 4th. Rory blogged about Joey for months before she passed away and he recently published a book, This Life I Live (also the name of his blog), which is sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read. 

I am so sad that Amy Krouse Rosenthal will not be on this planet much longer. I am so sad that Joey Feek left too. I am scared of the uncertainty of life- that one day you are planning and dreaming and complaining about traffic and annoyed about the long line at the grocery store, and the next you are sick without hope of recovery. 

This week, I had a breast sonogram. My very first mammogram resulted in "inconclusive images" despite the fact that I paid extra for 3D imaging (won't do that again). I needed a sonogram and so I got one, fairly certain that I was totally fine.

But sitting there, watching the technician type on the screen and move the wand around for what felt like forever, I started to worry. What is she seeing? Does she look concerned? What if there is something there? 

It was fine. A nodule that was benign. The advice was to follow up in six months to make sure nothing had changed. But in that time between waiting and knowing, my mind raced with the life I so desperately want to live. The time to raise my my children. To have more adventures with my husband. To spend time with my family. To teach. To learn. To be part of all the seasons.

There is so much I take for granted each and every day. A long life is not guaranteed and I should stop acting like it is.

Thought and prayers to Amy- a beloved author who has touched many lives with her words. She will continue to influence the world long after she's left it. 


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