Day 17 The Luckier I Get #SOL17

"The harder I work, the luckier I get."
-Samuel Goldwyn

I shared this quote with my class the day before St. Patrick's Day. I should have waited until today, when "the luck of the Irish" is on their minds, but the quote came to my inbox that morning and it struck me as important to share. One of our class jobs is the Chief Inspiration Officer, and that person selects a quote to share with the class at our Morning Meeting. I need to add more quotes to our selection because we've been hearing the same ones again and again. This quote seemed like an important one to share.

When I read it to my class, they didn't quite get it. Didn't make the connection that when people say you are lucky to win the game, or get the prize, they sometimes miss the fact that you practiced for hours each day or worked really hard on that poster which won the contest and earned you the prize. 

It's been true for me. The harder I work, the more opportunities present themselves to me. I also think "courage" and "audacity" are somewhere in that mix too. Courage to tackle a new opportunity, work hard, and make it a successful venture and the audacity to believe you can and should have that opportunity. "Audacious" is my one little word for 2017 because that is the piece where I need some work- new opportunities often leave me feeling unworthy for them or with an imposter complex ("If they only knew how much I really suck, they would not want me to ________"). 

Much in life is out of our control, but we make our own choices. We can choose how much effort we will put into any project or work we have to do. I believe in giving it your all, in going the extra mile, in working hard. As Steve Martin said, "Be so good they can't ignore you." And then, when others say how luck you are to be getting A, B, or C, you'll know it really wasn't about luck at all. 


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