Day 30 When Bad News Isn't Yours #SOL17

On this day before the last day of the challenge, I wish I could write something different. I wish this story wasn't weighing on my heart, but it is. It's not my story to tell, but there is nothing else for me to say today. 

When the news is bad,
and it's not your own,
how do you act?
The sun is shining warm sunny rays
and the sky is that beautiful blue
you've been missing
but a friend's world is collapsing
or torn apart 
Your world is not.
Your children, rosy and healthy
do their normal things:
ride bikes, and glide on scooters,
dig in the dirt,
have a full-blown sock war,
with socks strewn all over, 
laughing and then crying.
The same.
Alls well.
But the news you heard
is that all is not well
for someone you know.
And you are sad for them
and scared and worried
and guilty and anxious
and angry that life can turn
in a split second
robbing happiness 
from where it rightfully should perch.
When the news is bad
and it's not your own
the sky should not be blue
the sun should not be so sunny.


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