Day #15 This is Four #SOL17


This is four.
Four is all about asking the hard to answer questions: Heaven, and bad guys, and babies in tummies and how they got there. 
Four is starting to name letters of the alphabet and typing out the word "Biscuit" on the computer (with some coaching from Mom).
Four is wanting to do everything just like her big brother.
Four is using words like "supervised" as in "I can use Sharpies if I'm supervised."
Four means she can still cuddle into my lap and I can still lift her up.
Four is hair being uneven from when she cut it at three and 1/2 
Four means ballet classes, soccer, yoga, and soon swimming.
Four is coloring and painting and making art projects.
Four is listening to books read aloud: Biscuit, Madeline, Knuffle Bunny
Four means actually hiding during Hide and Go Seek and not screaming out 
"I'm in here!"
Four is not a baby anymore.
Four looks more like a little girl.

I look back at my baby, my one year old, two year old, and tonight for the last time, my three year old, and I marvel at how time passes. I am beyond grateful for the gift of Megan in our lives, for the baby she was, the toddler, and now the little lady who makes me laugh every day and fills my heart with joy and pride. Happy Birthday to our sunshine, our daughter, Megan. 


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