Day 8 My History of Exercise #SOL17

"Call a cab!" my ten year old self simultaneously panted and whined, hanging on to a stop sign for dear life.  My poor mother, following doctor's orders, had strongly encouraged me to go on a walk with her. It was not going well. She sang "It's a Long Way To Tipperary" as I shot her murderous looks and all but demanded she call me a taxi to take me the whopping four blocks to our house. 

So begins my tale of how I feel about exercise.

Truth be told, I've always been the sedentary type. The sit on the floor, play with my Barbies kind of kid. The sit on the couch, watch a tv show kind of person. The sit in a cozy chair, read a good book sort of girl. See the pattern here? The key word: Sitting. I loved all my sedentary activities and (truth be told again) I still do. 

It's not in my nature to be like, "YES! Today I get to sweat and move and work out! Wooooohoooo!" I'm really not that happy and excited about it, but I have grown to enjoy some forms of exercise. 

My favorite type of exercise is walking. Especially now, with little kids who need me, walking is a nice break and some "me time." I love listening to podcasts (loving the new Missing Richard Simmons one) or music or Voxer conversations. I like to look around the neighborhood and see the seasons changing, notice the houses and their decorations, and breathe fresh air.

I also wear a Fitbit and aim to walk 11,000 steps each day. Most days I hit my goal, which leads to such a sense of satisfaction, watching the number explode with confetti on my Fitbit app. I take part in challenges like "The Workweek Hustle" and "The Weekend Warrior" and it is motivating to try to be at the top of the leaderboard. 

My next favorite type of exercise is Jazzercise. I feel kind of sheepish saying this, like you might be scoffing as you read that. ("Jazzercise?! What is this 1985? Is she wearing leg warmers and working out to Olivia Newton John?") The thing is, I've joined gyms and tried classes there. I have felt so out of place.  People were not that friendly and not that patient if you didn't know the steps. Jazzercise is a welcoming place, where people of all shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome. The music changes every few minutes and the routines allow you to dance, do kickboxing, and latin moves, too. There is strength training as well. Each instructor has a different personality, giving each class its own distinct feel. I always enjoy the routines and I never feel out of place. There are modifications so you can make the workout work for you. 

Given the choice of a good book and the couch, or exercising, I would always want the book and the couch. But I have come to realize that making movement part of my day is important to my health and well-being. I've come to enjoy it. If I could go back in time and talk to that out of breath, out of shape, pudgy ten year old, I would gently let her know that she will survive those next four blocks and someday be Jazzercising with the best of them. 


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