Day 9 Treasures Where and When You Least Expect Them #SOL17

"I made something for you!" my six year old son gleefully calls out. I am in the bathroom. 

"Can I see it when I come out?" I ask, trying to hide my annoyance. It's been a long day after a night with only five hours of sleep. My patience has already clocked out, calling it a day and heading wherever patience likes to go when it leaves me. 

Apparently, he cannot wait until I come out, as I see a little something start sliding under the bathroom door. A picture frame he made at school with the note he wrote here at home, afixed with the tape he asked me to cut before I went into the bathroom. 

And there it is: "I lvoe (love) Mom" complete with a heart. Words he's learned to write himself, to send a message, to communicate. This is one of the treasures I spoke about in my first day slice- the notion that all of these moments will live on in these slices. Years from now, I can look back at this- when Alex is a teenager or maybe even leaving for college or just about to get married- and remember the little boy who so earnestly slid a picture frame under the bathroom door, just for me. 


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