#SOL18 Day 12 The Decision

The room is pitch black. The covers are snuggly and warm. My eyes feel so heavy. Snooze has been hit twice and now it's decision time: Do I get up to workout or stay asleep?

There are so many decisions to make, all the time. When it comes to health and fitness, for me, this is the area that takes the hit- I'm tired of making decisions, so I'll grab what looks good, my comfort foods, the nearby chocolate. The regret always comes after. 

A Facebook friend has recently been shedding weight at a very fast pace. Her posts about fitting into her jeans again after only 3 weeks had me intrigued. A private message revealed she's doing a program that involves 2 meals a day as a bar or a shake. The weight is pouring off her and she's not exercising yet. The program is very expensive- $400 for the first month, then something like $250 each month you are buying shakes and bars. 

It was tempting. To not make decisions- to just have a shake or bar ready for me. To have weight just fall off and not even workout. But what else could I do with that $400? So many books I could buy. So many new clothes I could buy. What if I just ate better myself, made the decision to really do that? 

I toss off the blankets and head upstairs to put my contact lenses in my eyes. I turn on the tv and start my workout, and I'm pretty certain I've made the right decision. 


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