#SOL18 Day 19 A Near Miss With the Leprechaun

"I don't think leprechauns ALWAYS come to people's houses," I try to convince my children on the car ride to play at their Grandma's house.

"No, they do. They leave you chocolate coins. And sometimes they make mischief," Alex informs me, quite certain. 

I'm filled with dread. It is already St. Patrick's Day. If a leprechaun was supposed to come, it probably should have been this morning. The kids had talked about making traps, but we watched Ferdinand on Friday and we went right to bed when it ended. No traps set out. No thoughts of a leprechaun coming to visit. I really thought we dodged the whole issue. 

But now they are sure he will come tonight. And so I add an errand to my list- stop at CVS and pick up chocolate coins for the kids. 

Fast forward to Sunday morning- I'm finishing my blog post. There was a nagging feeling that I had an idea yesterday of what I would write about, but I could not remember, so I went with questions about my reader's notebooks. The kids were sleeping in much longer than they normally do when it hit me- THE LEPRECHAUN!!!! I was supposed to put out the chocolate coins and a note for them from the leprechaun! That was what I thought I would blog about but the whole thing had completely gone out of my mind.

I crept upstairs and grabbed the hidden chocolate coins. Quickly, I typed a note explaining the kids had been so good so the leprechaun did no mischief today. Just a treat for them! I left the chocolate coins and the note on the living room floor, completely relieved that it was set out before they woke up.

A few moments later, Megan appeared with her mess of blonde hair all around her like a halo. After a hug, she walked into the living room and stopped in sheer delight- a leprechaun had come!! And left her chocolate coins! She went right back upstairs to inform her brother that he was right- leprechauns do come to every house and they do come after St. Patrick's Day. 


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