#SOL18 Day 25 Happy Birthday Grandma

Today my Grandma would be 92. She passed away at 89, just 3 months before her 90th birthday. Having a Grandma as a constant, loving, joyful presence in my life for over 35 years is one of the most precious gifts I've ever been given. 

Grandma and Grandy's house was like a second home growing up. I can close my eyes and see every part of it. I can remember being in the kitchen while Grandma cooked and sipping a cup of tea together in the dining room with always a sweet treat to accompany it. I remember the den upstairs, where she would sit in her cozy rocker and I would often lay on the couch and fall asleep after a long day of teaching. In my single, child-free days, Grandma and I had a Wednesday dinner standing date. I would show up and she would cook for me! We would watch Seinfeld reruns, or Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals, and game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I remember the porch, where we would sit and watch the cars passing by. 

Grandma was there for every important event in my life. She was the voice of wisdom when I needed it. She was there for me all the time and always, always on my side. She was the heart of our family and the glue that kept us all together for holidays and special times. 

I wish she was here now. I wish she could help me navigate the waves that keep crashing, help me find the peaceful shore. Help me with perspective and insight and a cup of tea with a sweet treat. I miss everything about her and life with her in it. 

But she was never one to dwell in sadness, always one to see the bright side and she kept moving forward. So today I will make myself a cup of tea, sans sweet treat, and feel blessed to have had such a special Grandmother for so long. I will feel her love like a hug and know she's still on my side. Always on my side. 

Happy Birthday, Grandma. I love and miss you so much. 


  1. What a beautiful tribute! My favorite line: "I wish she could help me navigate the waves that keep crashing, help me find the peaceful shore." Even in the uncertainty, it sounds like she taught you how to take her place, in your own life and perhaps in the lives of your family, too.


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