#SOL18 Day 22 The Bright Side

Two unexpected snow days, despite the calendar saying Spring has arrived. Two days lost of my spring break, now down to only 3 days instead of the 7 we were supposed to have. 

Really, I could be negative about this.

But sipping a hot, delicious cup of coffee in cozy sweats as mounds of snow pile up outside my window, I am grateful for a relaxed morning. Grateful my mom doesn't have to shovel and drive in this weather, just to come and help me get my kids off to school. I'm grateful they have the day off too- we could play games together, snuggle, and enjoy the gift of an unexpected snow day.

When negative thoughts, fears, and anxiety weigh me down, the only thing that lifts the sadness is gratitude. Seeing the blessings. Noticing the silver lining to the clouds, the rose that is there through the thicket of thorns. 

So cheers to this snow day- may it be the last of this year! 


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