#SOL18 Day 4 This is Us

I used to have a few television shows I regularly watched. For a long time I was into reality shows like American Idol, The Bachelor, and Dancing with the Stars. Some of my other favorites included Modern Family, In the Middle, and I especially loved the makeover show What Not to Wear. Through the years, I've stopped watching TV. Last year, everyone was talking about This is Us and mid-season, I decided to watch the first few episodes on demand. I was entirely hooked and once again found a show I loved. 

This winter, I've fallen behind in watching This is Us. It's been a rough season in my own life. I missed the Superbowl episode, THE episode that everyone was talking about. I found out what happened, but only tonight had the chance to watch it myself and the episode right after. I'm still a couple behind. 

I love so many things about the show, but mostly how different threads of stories come together, how time zooms backwards and forwards and you see so much more of the whole picture. Each person's experience is a thread and together a beautiful, rich tapestry is created for their family story. 

I loved the character of the doctor who delivered the triplets, how he lost his wife to cancer and considered killing himself at one point. He helps the Pearson family make lemonade out of life's sourest lemons. I loved the fireman who found baby Randall and brought him to the hospital. I loved William and the storyline where we saw his mother taking care of him as a baby. In the episode I just watched, I loved seeing Tess in the future as a warm-hearted, beautiful social worker helping foster children find families. 

There is a lot of sadness in This is Us and in life too. Moments in time that are tragically sad do not define the entire story of the characters, or maybe any of us. When you need a good, cathartic cry, This is Us will do just fine. 

Are you a fan of This is Us? What TV shows are your favorites? 


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