#SOL18 Day 28 Shiny Time Cleaning Club

Last night's Facebook wishes reminded me of a Slice I could write! It was my friend Linda's birthday and on her wall I posted:"Happy Birthday to the Co-President of the Shiny Time Cleaning Club". 

In elementary school, Linda and I were best friends. We would often have play dates at each other's houses, where we would play Uno and "bet" with Skittles, play school, plan holiday concerts (another post for sure!) and work on our business- The Shiny Time Cleaning Club. 

We had a real receipt pad for this business and we served as Co-Presidents. The Shiny Time Cleaning Club would do chores for money. Laundry folding was fifty cents. Unloading the dishwasher was 25 cents. Everything was quite reasonable and we felt very grown-up and business-like doing these chores. 

What I wouldn't given now to pay someone to do my laundry, dishes and more each day! Maybe it's time to tell my children about the Shiny Time Cleaning Club and see if they want to be the new Co-Presidents! 


  1. It's true that lots of our longed for jobs as children are the drudgery of today! Your parents sure were smart and I think it would be the right thing to help your children see that this is a club worth presiding over!

  2. What a fun memory. I often wish for the house to magically self clean while I’m gone during the day.

  3. That's great! I feel like I could develop a local franchise if you're interested! ;)


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