#SOL18 Day 3 Right Behind You

"I'm right behind you," almost 5 year old Megan laughs, right on my tail, so to speak. She's wearing pink ballet pajamas that she wore to school today to celebrate the 100th Day of School (and P week too). 

Everywhere I walk, she stays right behind me, giggling, calling out, "I'm right behind you. Wherever you go, I go." 

We make a few trips around the house like this and I stop to hug her. 

At night, she tells me she loves me "To infinity and beyond." Her love is complete and restorative.

I write this now, so when she is a teenager, or maybe even a tween, and she hates me and thinks I'm all wrong and would rather be with everyone but me, I'll remember the time when she was so little, so cute, and gleefully followed me everywhere I went. 


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