#SOL18 Day 9 Fri-Yay, Conference Day!

Blogging packets? Check.
Projector? Check.
Speakers? Check.
Chromebook? Check.
Various plugs? Check.
Excitement? Check, check, check!

Today I am attending the Spring LILAC Literacy Conference, sponsored by the Nassau Reading Council and the Long Island Language Arts Council. Kylene Beers is the Keynote Speaker in the morning! I will be presenting a workshop on Fostering Voice Through Blogging with my friend and Long Island Writing Project colleague, Evelyn. 

I've become more comfortable presenting mostly because I push myself to do it often. Also, because I believe so much in the notion that blogging gives students a voice, an audience, a purpose- and it's fun! I would love to help teacher see the possibilities of blogging and how it can enhance what they do. Presenting on a topic I believe in and put into practice in my classroom seems a little less scary. 

I'm looking forward to attending workshops, listening to the keynotes, talking with other educators, and being in a room with others who believe in the power that literacy brings to our lives and our students' lives. 

Long Island blogger friends, will I see you there? 


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