#SOL18 Day 2 Don't Look Back

Lately I've been hearing myself say some of the expressions my Grandy (grandfather) often said. "Basta Finito", "Bunk!", "Don't look back." The "Don't Look Back" was kind of his trademark- he said it so often. As a kid, I didn't really understand why you wouldn't look back and as a young adult, I thought looking back was something you should do- reflection and all that. 

Now as an older young adult (okay not young- just an adult), I see my Grandy's words as a life preserver from the guilt that comes when something happens I wish hadn't. A car I backed into (should have been looking back for that one). A playdate that resulted in disaster and a near tragedy. Too much chocolate consumed. A lesson gone awry. Mistakes made or the wrong path taken. Grandy would say, "Don't look back" and now I know why. 

Life is full of dark and light, ups and downs, joy and pain. It is the choices we make that comprise our life. Some choices are right and some end up being wrong, even when your heart was in the right place. Even when your intentions were so good. When you find yourself in a situation where it is dark, down and painful, what good is there wishing and hoping you could go back and undo it all? You can't. 

What you can do is move forward. What you can do is do better, now that you know better. What you can do is look for blessings wherever possible and gratitude for the glimpses of light that persistently find their way into your darkest hour. 

Grandy, you gave me wisdom and even though you've been gone for over 18 years, I'm still learning from you. Your love, spirit, and kindness are helping me navigate the choppy seas I've unfortunately found myself sailing on. I sail on, and I don't look back, and that is a gift you gave me long ago. 


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