#SOL18 Day 30 Good Friday and Easter Sunday

How is it almost April?

Time seems to have stopped somewhere in mid-January when our lives changed with a phone call. While I was just starting to come up for air, a second surgery dominated the Winter Break. A month has gone by, and now we are closing out March. 


Today is Good Friday. As a Catholic, although a somewhat lapsed one, today is the day where evil seems to win. A dark day, a sad day. A day where a friend betrays you and hope dies. The beauty of Easter Sunday is that hope never dies, that evil never wins, that good triumphs and redemption is possible. 

I need Easter more than ever this year.

I am tired of the greedy and selfish dominating the headlines. I am tried of school shooters. I am tired of Russia and collusion and doctor's appointments and guilt and sadness and fear and worry and wishing with everything in my heart that I could redo a certain day in January. 

I have been trying to be strong and most days I am. I know many have more challenges than me, more pain, more reason to be sad. Some never get to leave Good Friday- never get to Easter Sunday. So I breathe in gratitude and breathe out the sadness. 

I love the seasons and the circle of life. I love that winter comes but doesn't last. That spring arrives every year, when you need it most. When you can't stand the thought of boots and mittens and dark skies any longer, you get fresh green grass, blossoms, sunshine on your face. 

It's been winter in my heart and maybe my tears can be like the spring rain. Maybe the new season will bring some peace again. 


  1. Kathleen, I don’t know all you’ve been through as I’ve not followed your story prior to this month, but I love your honesty and appreciate your service to TWT. I don’t know how you manage the Welcome Wagon andbhope others haven’t had the struggles I have w/ it.

    I find myself thinking about your life and struggles in light of some of my own experiences. I wish you peace, comfort, joy, love, strength, and all good things in life. ❤️

  2. I am sorry you are struggling, but your sense of hope gives me a sense of hope as well. I wish you whatever you need to have a wonderful spring.

  3. Hope is everything. Life is ever-changing and each season is a new beginning. I wish you peace. I wish the world much love. We need it more now than ever.

  4. A heartfelt slice. I can feel your pain and anguish. I pray that as we approach Easter and Spring that you will find peace and comfort and healing. Hugs

  5. I know you and I know how hard you work, and what a giving and caring person you are, so your words really touched me today. You have been very brave about that event that took place in January, but you also need to be able to grieve about what happened. I choose the word grieve because I think you are feeling the loss of the carefree childhood you wanted for your kids and did your best to give them. There are things we can't control and that's difficult for those of us who try so hard. Allow yourself some sadness; today is the perfect day for it. Then move on, as you always do, to the happiness that is also within you. I feel your pain.

  6. Kathleen, may the hope of Easter wash away the pain of Good Friday from your days. There are so many times that life is challenging but then the sunshine intervenes. Be blessed this weekend

  7. Cherry-picking three of your words: Hope. Never. Dies.
    I see that in how you write about your kids at home and in your classroom. I see that in how you care for and contribute to this community. In countless ways, you share hope with me and many others. Wishing you and yours a joyful Easter celebration!


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