#SOL18 Day 31 Goodbye to You

Goodbye to you, March Challenge.
Goodbye early morning wake-ups,
adjusting workout routines (or skipping them)
to make more time for blogging.
Goodbye trying to find the words
and delicately balancing what my heart
needs to write and what my brain
thinks I should publish.

Goodbye to you, fellow bloggers.
Your stories touched my heart.
Your words made me think.
Your passion for teaching
inspired me to be better.

I'm sorry I didn't get to read more,
comment more,
but what I read was glorious.
Our country will be saved
by teachers like you,
I'm sure of it. 

We will meet again, 
on Tuesdays.
And we will meet again,
when next March comes. 
Till then...

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? Because I knew you, because I knew you, I have been changed for good."
-from "Wicked"


  1. "Goodbye trying to find the words
    and delicately balancing what my heart
    needs to write and what my brain
    thinks I should publish."
    Oh, you wrote that perfectly! I know how that feels. There's an additional editor in my brain these days who tries to keep track of that (especially since a few colleagues and family members have started following my blog). Thank goodness for notebooks and the guise of fiction! It's been a lovely month, hasn't it? I'm bidding it a fond farewell. I know I'll be back here next March, but I'm also looking forward to taking the foot of the gas!

  2. You expressed my very own feelings to a "T".
    I look forward to reading more of your slices on Tuesdays.

  3. Love this idea, Kathleen! And being a child who grew up on the 1980s, I LOVE this song! Like Molly, this line really jumps out, "...delicately balancing what my heart
    needs to write and what my brain thinks I should publish." I wonder how many of us experienced a similar feeling? Thanks for this wonderful final post :)

  4. I too have been changed for the better! Great words!

  5. The extra time will be nice, but the March routine is one I savor. It truly does change us for good.

  6. "Your passion for teaching inspired me to be better." This was the line I lifted from your post that touched me deeply. I'm in a very challenging place in my teaching career. Surrounding myself by writers who teach kept me going. Now I have to "finish strong" on this last leg of the year. Thanks for all your honesty!

  7. "Goodbye to you!" Love, love, love the original song, and now it is stuck in my head! I really enjoyed reading your slices. Thank you for all of your dedication.

  8. A lovely (and fun) tribute to this awesome month! It is always hard but always inspiring. See you on Tuesdays!

  9. OMG...YES, these words from Wicked totally describe this experience. Because I knew you (slicers) I have been changed for good!

  10. What a pleasure to write along side you Katherine. I need to try harder to keep up with Tuesday Slices. I have taken a break from writing daily. I needed time to digest privately but it's been such a rich month to write, share publicly and read and comment.
    I'm richer because of community,

  11. Ah, that tug-of-war tension between head and heart... I remain glad we re-connected a few years back, and you welcomed me into this generous writing community.


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